; This is the first day of my last curse


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Feeling like shit on the 22nd of every month so far


Clearly keeping myself busy instead of properly taking a bath



How can emptiness be so heavy?

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Anonymous asked: It's your one and only that's who bae

Ahahahahha ;)

Anonymous asked: But what's going on?

Just things haha who is this?

Anonymous asked: What's going on bae?

lmao ive never been called ‘bae’ hahahaa

Lol what was I doing with myself


Good Vibes HERE

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I’ve been keeping journal entries on a weekly basis since I was in 9th grade but stopped shortly after we broke off.
I guess I never wanted to remember, yet alone document how much I was hurting these past few months.

It’s okay now though, I think.



my favorite thing is when jonghoon from ftisland was on a flight with seungri and he woke him to take a picture

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Feeling like absolute shit right now and just freaking out for no reason ugh this sucks forreal zdxg bb kder h jjjikvff

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