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[Trans] saico0111: this isnt vulgar, its just an expression of affection

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i was really upset today i just rolled around refusing to get out of bed to eat or do anything till 9pm

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[TRANS@FtGtJH: Jaejin has worked hard.. our Olaf (the snowman) made with seaweed, biscuit & chopsticks…is born 

big decisions

since 8th grade ive just wanted to get out of this place im forced to call home. over the years my extremely dysfunctional “family” here has just done nothing but driven me insane and physically sick with their shit. of course now that ive found a place, paid bond, settled my budget and am confident about this, the idea of officially getting my own headspace and moving out within a matter of weeks excites me.

i guess i was a little too excited to start thinking about the cons…

before my dad planned to migrate from singapore and leave whatever he had behind him, he did his homework on australia and did whatever he could to come here…to this “utopia” he had in mind. but when he arrived, the place he had in mind was just a fantasy. he worked long hours everyday just to help his wife and a 1yo son survive. 24 years and 5 more kids later, my dad is now over 50, works 2 jobs, cant afford to retire and is prolly suffering from depression. working so hard to survive, this wasnt the australian dream he had in mind.

im scared. this whole thing seems like a good idea but what if i totally fuck up and end up homeless? i want to get out of this house, to get away from all this negativity and start fresh, but what if i just end up living such a miserable life all alone? i may have friends and a partner who claim to have my back no matter what, but if i cant even rely on my own family… what makes it seem okay to trust the words of these people who arent even related to me?

truth is from the day i set foot outta that door for good, i will be on my own.


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how to survive in this satanic weather

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mika rocked the flower crown before any of y’all


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haul or what